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Happy Thanksgiving! November 25, 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving All!

I hope you have a safe and blessed day with your family. I know i have a lot to be thankful for.

i am truely thankful to god for keeping us all healthy and even when times are tough he always pulls through for us, we always have everything we need.

I am thankful for my husband for all the love and support he has givin me thoughout our years together, all the long hours and hard work he puts in to give us what we want and need.he is truely a blessing in all ways!

my son michael for always being there and helping me out whenever i needed it. he has truely grown up to be a wonderful young man.

my sil lisa for always being there for me when i need it , an ear to listen to me gripe or  just a shoulder when i need it, she helps to make my burdens easier to bare.i love her dearly she holds a special place in my heart . i am so glad we are family

my best friend vicky for being there for me, the distance hasn’t hurt us a bit :), we have grown closer. i’m happy i can say anything to her regardless what its about,she always has a way of cheering me up, i would be miserable without her. love you sis

becky– since i moved to WV she has been a lifesaver and a special friend i’m so glad i got to know you.

thankful for all my family you are all always in my heart , my children josh and melody and all my friends

all my wonderful bloggers that come here to my site and support me

my stampin up customers for allowing me to help them with all their needs and supporting me

my fellow swappers for keeping me busy and all the help and wonderful ideas you have givin me.

thank you all god bless



One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. you’re amazing!! I’m truley blessed . .. there couldn’t be a better sil than you!! Thank you for all the love and support you give to me on a daily basis!! I couldn’t make it without you. I love you!!


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