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Stamp Club 6 May 3, 2009

Stamp Club 6

From July to December 2009

Would you like to receive free stamp sets and merchandise without hosting or attending a workshop?

Have a wish list a mile long?

Do you want to grow your stamp collection a little at a time, while staying on a budget?

A stamp club might be just what you need!


By joining my Stamp Club, you commit to spend $25 (before shipping/handling and tax) each month, over a period of 6 months. I will place you in a group with 5 other stamp club members. One time during
the 6 month period you will be considered the Hostess and receive all the Hostess benefits.

Hostess benefits: one Free level 1 Set and $15.00 free product.

You may also add to your hostess month by collecting outside orders from friends. The sale from your workshop will
be added to the club order, which will add up more free merchandise.

If you think or you know you usually spend more then 25.00 a month then you may

choose to become a “Double Member.” As a double member, you commit to spending $50 a month instead of $25,
and you will be the Hostess two times during the 6 month period.

When you join this stamp club you will receive your new Stampin Up

Catalog in July Free.

So come and join in the fun today.

More Details will come by email after party is full



To reserve your place please contact me or comment below

Karen Walsh

use link above on tab or







One Response to “Stamp Club 6”

  1. mariah Says:

    I love making cards w karen. She’s an awesome person who’s heart is made of gold. She got me started w making cards and I enjoy doing it. Joining her club is rewarding and fun. I can’t wait until the club meeting even though you dont have to be here for the club. Happy card making!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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