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HI ALL January 16, 2009

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i will be tring to get some more cards on here soon 🙂

i have a question for you all, i am thinking about joining stampin up, i have always loved the stamps, paper etc…. i wanted to do this years ago but i didnt like the angel policy but they have changed that, yay. so i was wondering if any of you do not have a rep or someone you know doesn’t, if you would be interested in helping me start out. i would love to have a club or even some customer orders and you know i would do everything i can to keep everyone updated etc…. please let me know if your interested or not. pop me a email 🙂 also do you like to order through the rep directly or throught her website, just debating on if i should get that or not and was wondering how you order. right now i am tring to put together the money i need to get started but would really love to have some type of customer base to lift me off.

thank you all for your help



One Response to “HI ALL”

  1. Gaye Says:

    Look who’s bloggin’!! Great cards and enjoyed your Christmas LOs.

    So you’re thinking of giving Lisa some competition, I hear. You know that I’m already one of her **valued** customers, right? =) You would do good to take some tips from her. She does such a great job of keeping in touch and making you feel that you’re business is very important to her. But, I’m sure you know all this already. =)

    I’ll be checking back to see what you are up to.

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